According to the information spread by the Eurasian Economic Commission, new rules have been set for non-resident citizens traveling to the Russian Federation to carry out work activities.

1. Within 30 calendar days from the day of entering the Russian Federation, to pass the one-time registration and shooting registration of the state fingerprint.

2. Within 30 calendar days from the date of entry into Russia, undergo a medical examination for the presence or (absence) of the use of drugs or psychotropic substances, the use of new potentially dangerous psychoactive substances without a doctor’s appointment, the presence of infectious diseases endangering society. , վերաբերյալ on diseases caused by human immunodeficiency virus.

3. Regularly submit references on medical examinations directly to local government bodies or subordinate bodies in the field of Internal Affairs through a unified electronic information platform.

Failure to comply with these requirements may reduce the temporary stay of persons in Russia.

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