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Yerevan Zvartnots Airport timetable. Image by PixMeta Studio.

Real-time updated list of trending flights from Yerevan, Armenia

We know that many of our readers are planning their trip from Yerevan, Armenia to somewhere where the operated flights are trackable and the prices are considerable – so get the list of trending flights from Yerevan which lets you know the most cost-effective airline tickets for you and your family.

Click on the city to see the suggested best flight from Yerevan.

Cheap flights from Yerevan

Vienna8 July 2024Tickets from 40
Rome21 January 2025Tickets from 43
Sofia10 September 2024Tickets from 44
Abu Dhabi15 September 2024Tickets from 47
Milan9 March 2025Tickets from 50
Budapest1 July 2024Tickets from 55
Venice25 September 2024Tickets from 58
Tbilisi16 July 2024Tickets from 60
Larnaca10 July 2024Tickets from 61
Batumi22 September 2024Tickets from 65
Adler/Sochi26 June 2024Tickets from 66
Istanbul23 July 2024Tickets from 75
Muscat21 September 2024Tickets from 77
Dortmund9 July 2024Tickets from 78
Mineralnye Vody24 October 2024Tickets from 79
Antalya29 June 2024Tickets from 81
Paris9 January 2025Tickets from 81
Catania22 July 2024Tickets from 82
Barcelona8 January 2025Tickets from 82
Nice25 July 2024Tickets from 82
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