Sevan (region)

Lake Sevan is one of the world’s largest freshwater high-altitude lakes and the largest lake in the Caucasus with spectacular views, summer recreation, and water sports. Located 1900 meters above sea level, the lake is surrounded by the Geghama mountain range that is snow-covered most times. The weather in the region is severe; the beach season starts at the end of June and lasts till the end of August.

Crystal clear beach in Lake Sevan, Armenia
Crystal clear beach in Lake Sevan, Armenia

Top Destinations in Sevan

Sevan is one of the popular destinations in Armenia for summer recreation. The resort offers comfortable stays in luxe hotels and cozy beach houses, extreme sports, tours of historic places, and good food. We have created this personalized tour to help you experience the most memorable moments on Lake Sevan.

Beach bar and rest zone in Lake Sevan
Beach bar and rest zone in Lake Sevan

Things to do in Sevan

Sevanavank & Sevan Peninsula. The 9th-century Sevanavank Monastery is Lake Sevan’s most famous historical attraction on Sevan Island (the present peninsula). Historically, the monastery was a punishment site and the last destination of monks from Etchmiadzin. However, it has some of the most spectacular views that you won’t want to miss. Sevanavank hides a lot of legends and stories, you’d love to spend some time there.

Sevanavank, Sevan peninsula, Armenia
Sevanavank, Sevan peninsula, Armenia

And a few words about the peninsula. The area is located in the northwestern part of the lake that was once an island. The draining lake turned the island into a peninsula connecting the monastery with the mainland. It is a must-visit place where you will enjoy the best lake views. 

Hayravank. Medieval Hayravank Monastery (the exact date is unknown) is less popular than Sevanavank as a tourist destination, but it may be of more value and unique. The monastery is built on the cliff’s edge overseeing the lake and the mountains. To the north of the sanctuary, you will find ruins of settlements dating back to the Bronze Age.

Shorzha & Kalavan. Shorzha is one of the shores of Lake Sevan and maybe the most popular one for secluded rest. It takes a while to get to the beach, but you will never regret it. Plus, it is the warmest beach with mostly no wind and cold waters. 

Artanish peninsula from Shorzha
Artanish peninsula from Shorzha, Sevan

Kalavan is your next destination in the Sevan region, a small village that would have stayed unknown if not for archeological findings dating back to 5000 years. For the lovers of eco-tours and hiking Kalavan will become a favorite destination. Don’t be surprised but you will not find a single store in the village. At present, the village is a blooming eco-destination with Time Land Foundation building a Scientific Center for scientists and a community to investigate the territory.

Paragliding. Lake Sevan offers water sports like jet skiing, boat tours, and diving. But if you are craving for more emotions, go for paragliding. 

The views of Lake Sevan are incredible, especially when you take in the entire panorama. Those who are the bravest can fly over the lake, admiring the beauty of the lake and Geghama mountain range while enjoying the cool breeze of the water.

Paragliding over Lake Sevan is an extreme way to experience a high dose of adrenaline and see the breathtaking nature of Armenia. Flying over the lake is best done during the summer months when the weather is warm. The flights usually vary between 1300 to 2800 meters above sea level. All the equipment and instructions will be provided by professionals, and your flight will be recorded with a GoPro.

Accommodation and leisure

As a popular tourist destination, Sevan has multiple accommodation options for any budget and preference. Still, even with an abundance of options, you may not find a free room in the high season. It is strongly advised to book a room in advance. Consider Tsovasar Family Rest Complex with private beach, Noyland Resort with its wide recreational and rest areas, Lavash hotel with an authentic Tsovatsots restaurant, and Garden In Resort for a comfortable stay. Less pricey options are beach cottages that still offer the best experience on Lake Sevan.

If you visit Sevan for a wild adventure, choose beach camping with the most romantic starry skies at night. One of the popular camping zones near Lake Sevan is Wishup Shore close to the Drakhtik village.

Wishup Shore - famous beach featuring bar, hotel, rest area and lounge at Lake Sevan
Wishup Shore – famous beach featuring a bar, hotel, rest area and lounge at Lake Sevan. Photo by

Aside from water activities, Sevan beaches are crowded during the summer months with parties of famous local and invited DJs. On our list of must-see places in Sevan, we suggest visiting Semoi Mot restaurant on the highway, Stone Soup Kalavan in the eco-village, and Bohem studio-cafe for creative people. Also, visit Gata Boulangerie in Sevanavank in search of the tastiest Armenian gata. 

Things not to miss in Sevan

There are still things we have forgotten to mention, but you definitely need to visit and see. Writer’s Resort, modern architecture of soviet times, is an abandoned avant-garde building that once guested Jean-Paul Sartre. Here you may take the most impressive photos of yourself, the building, and the lake. Take a short tour to Gavar, a small town on the west side of Sevan, to taste local pakhlava (baklava).

Noyland Resort, Sevan
Noyland Resort, Sevan

Visit Noratus Cemetery with the most extensive collection of 10th-century khachkars (cross-stones). Your final destination is Gull Island in the Norashen Reserve of the Sevan National Park to watch the colony of Armenian Gulls. 

Bar of the Wishup Shore, Drakhtik, Sevan
Bar of the Wishup Shore, Drakhtik, Sevan

Local Food & Drinks

Your trip to Sevan will be flavored with the taste of Sevan trout, whitefish, and lake crayfish, the region’s most popular dishes. Famous lake fish is cooked in dozens of ways to make you feel its incredible taste. If you visit Gavar and are brave enough, try to beat the locals in drinking vodka.

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