Dilijan Gastrofest to be held on May 06-08, 2022

Travel direction signs of the DIlijan Tourist Information CenterTravel direction signs of the DIlijan Tourist Information Center

2022 Gastro Fest food festival will be held in Dilijan city park on May 6-8. More than 20 participating restaurants will present gastronomic masterpieces, and hold master classes in cooking popular Armenian dishes. Unique gastronomic arts are expected, which will go beyond the borders of Dilijan city park. It will be interesting for everyone.

The gastronomic event was joined by some winemakers, who will offer visitors wine tastings, and help to choose the right drink with the dish. And thanks to the music you will finally be immersed in the atmosphere of real Armenia և you will definitely visit us next year.

Gastrofest Dilijan – May 6-8, Dilijan city park

The cost of Dilijan Gastro Fest tickets for 1 day is:
In case of on-site purchase – 7500 AMD
In case of online purchase – 6500 AMD

Tickets can be purchased at a fixed price until May 6.
✔️ Tickets can be purchased in advance only online.
Օրը Tickets will be available at a higher price on the day of the festival.

How to buy Dilijan Gastrofest tickets online?

Residents of Armenia can use the IDram ticket office at the top of the profile or in the highlight with a coin mark.

The official Facebook page of the event is here.

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